About My Books

The Magic Telescope (First Edition) Cover Design by Tate Publishing

Seth has his heart set on a new Gazer 3000 telescope for his birthday but receives a second-hand one instead. He’s disappointed until he accidentally discovers that this is no ordinary telescope. Join Seth and his cat, Sinbad, on an out-of-this-world adventure!

The Magic Telescope was written as an assignment for my creative writing class.  I couldn’t think of a single thing to write. Then I opened my hall closet to get something and saw my telescope. That’s when it hit me.  My teacher said it should be made into a movie. (Writers love to hear these things!)   I would love to see it as a cartoon movie someday. I’ve had a lot of encouragement to make it longer, but rather than add to it, I’ve decided to make it the first in a series. I’m currently working on more adventures for Seth and Sinbad.


The Magic Telescope is no longer available through Tate Publishing. Tate Publishing went out of business due to embezzlement. Copies of my book were sold that I never received royalties for.

The Magic Telescope is only available from me personally or through Barnes & Noble Press at this time. If you would like an older copy with the original cover, please message me. Otherwise,  you may order the second edition copy with the new cover here at Barnes & Noble Press.

Available at smashwords.com: Aldara’s Wish

An imaginative tale about a young alicorn (half pegasus, half unicorn) who saves a life and is granted a wish in return. But what shall she wish for?

This story was also written for an assignment. I envision it in print with beautiful illustrations someday.  I’ve always enjoyed reading myths, fables, and fairy tales and that was my inspiration for this story.


I just released my book Zombiesaurs! Zombiesaurs is a picture book for kids. The illustrations are complete! My children and I hand-illustrated this. This will also be included as a Halloween Night and Other Poems poem. I’m planning to start a chapter book series for Zombiesaurs, too.

Check back soon for updates! I’ve got a few more books in the works.

Now Available!

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Cover design by Trista Herring Baughman

Halloween Night and Other Poems is now available on Amazon! This is a collection of spooky, whimsical, and silly poems, perfect for any night of the year. Grab a copy for your favorite book worms and reluctant readers!

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