Know any princesses?

I had intended on posting once a week, but I’ve found something that I want to share with you today. Most little girls have dreams of becoming princesses, but I never did. Ballrooms and dancing were never my idea of fun.  Sword fighting pirates and finding dinosaurs is what I dreamed of each night. And Ninja Turtles. However, I’ve always loved reading stories about princesses having adventures and finding their one true love. I’ve also always been a big fan of fables. I have to admit, I was completely against the idea of having a Twitter account. When all of my friends would say, “Oh you should get a twitter account,” I was much like the princess in the story I’m about to share with you and would most likely say, “Not today. Perhaps tomorrow,” or something similar to that.  I knew they’d grow tired of asking or forget. I am glad I gave in and finally got one (thank you, Writing Children’s Books for Dummies) because I have made some new friends and found some interesting, useful information, as well as some really good books. My favorite find so far and the reason for this post is a book called The Princess Fables. It is a book full of charming, relatable stories for little girls. There is a really sweet story behind the book. The author, Marc Clark, wrote the stories in the book for his daughter and you can read all about it here. I read about the book on twitter, checked it out on Amazon, and decided it would be a perfect gift for my nieces (my favorite little princesses). It’s in my cart as we speak. This was before I had read the free story, The Princess Who Always Said, “Not Today” and fell in love with it.  Now I can’t wait to check out on Amazon and I’ll probably add an extra copy for myself. 🙂 If you have a little princess or if you are a little princess, this book is worth checking out. Read the free story here. Y’all have a great day!

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