Getting Out There

It’s been a while. I haven’t  stopped writing, I’ve just had set backs. And in the meantime I’ve been reading lots. My most recent read, Writing Children’s Books for Dummies, is a treasure trove of useful information. What I love about it is that you don’t have to start at the beginning. You can pick whichever topic appeals to you and dive right in, which is what I did. I skipped on over to the section about creating your social media presence.  They recommended having a blog (check), Facebook account (check), a Twitter account, a YouTube account, a Pinterest account, and a JacketFlap account. I’ve been working on acquiring each of these that I didn’t already have. Besides these accounts, I personally recommend having a Good Reads account, an Authonomy account, and (if you’re an indy author) a Smashwords account. It takes work to keep all of these accounts up, but it’s necessary in order to let the public know about you and your books. If you google children’s book blogs (or other social media account that you will be making) you will get lots of good ideas for your own. Pay attention to the ones that are listed first or that have the most visitors.

I’ve realized I have way too many obligations and in order to be the best I can be at all I do, I have to start cutting back. I’m a wife, mother of two, writer, and I have a small business from my home. These are the things that I have to focus on and I have to let go of the rest.


So my advice to you is prioritize, keep writing, and get out there! 😀

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