World Book Night US 2014

So, just found out about this awesome night where (if you sign up to do it) you can give away FREE books! It’s called World Book Night.  You should check it out. It’s meant to inspire people who read little or not at all to pick up a good book and read. You get to choose from a list which book you will be giving out (you actually have three top choices and they try to give you one of those) and there are some really good choices to pick from. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I think reading, whether for knowledge or pleasure, helps to keep your mind young.  I also came across something else I look forward to participating in, All Hallows Read, every Halloween, give a friend a scary book. Author Neil Gaiman established the tradition in 2010. I’ve given myself a scary book every Halloween mostly, so why not give a favorite to a friend? This Halloween I’m reading R.L. Stine’s Superstitious. I’ve been doing a little writing here and there, more on that soon. Until then, happy scary reading! 

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