The Magic Telescope!

Exciting news 🙂 After turning down the offer to have The Magic Telescope published, Tate Publishing did work out a deal for me.  I did some more research, talked it over with my hubby, read every bit of the contract, and checked them out on the better business bureau’s website (they have an a+ rating) and I decided to take the risk. I REALLY want to see my book in print! So far everyone that I’ve spoken with has been very professional and friendly.  I’m working on reformatting my manuscript right now.  I just want to thank my hubby and all my family and friends who have been so supportive and encouraging to me. Love y’all! I’ve removed The Magic Telescope from  I’m still working on a few different projects, too. I really want my next one to be accepted by Harper Collins 🙂



Got my production date and it is in January of the coming year. That works out good, since I’ve got a few other projects I need to focus on over the next few months.  I’ll keep you updated and I’ll be writing a new post soon. Have a great day!

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