Happy Birthday, little man!

Today is a very special day! Three years ago today I gave birth to the sweetest little boy on the planet.  It seems like just yesterday that I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and saw his tiny little feet for the first time.  So I’ve spent the day remembering his firsts–the first time he smiled, the first time he giggled, rolled over, crawled under our coffee table, ate solid food, held onto mommy as she held him, said his nite nite prayers all by himself… I could go on, but I’m getting super teary eyed and that isn’t good when you’re trying to write.  He’s been such a blessing to our family. He is a very happy little man and he loves to play and learn. He loves his family and friends and our dog, Bo-Bo.  He loves to make us laugh almost as much as we love hearing his precious little laugh.  He’s such a bright baby and we’re very proud of him.  I suppose that’s enough bragging for now 🙂  I just found out that he shares his birthday with two famous authors: Barbara Cartland (a romance novelist), and Dean Koontz, as well as a whole bunch of other famous people.  Maybe he’ll become a famous author one day himself. He’s very good at making things up, that’s for sure! I’m amazed every day at how big of an imagination that little boy has.  He’s had a very good day today filled with lots of birthday wishes, cards, phone calls, and presents.  Thanks to everyone for making his day special and making him feel how loved he is. Thanks to everyone for reading my blog. I’ll be writing more on writing soon, so be sure to check back 🙂 


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